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Joe Goode is one of America's leading contemporary artists

Joe Goode is one of America's leading contemporary artists, known in particular for his "Milk Bottle" series, which consists of ceramic artworks modeled after old milk bottles. The milk bottle is an iconic representation of American culture and everyday life, and the fact that Joe Goode expressed it as art is one reason why his works are so popular. His works are simple yet creative, with a unique sense of color and form. Sometimes his pieces featuring repeating milk bottle shapes also convey abstract expressions and humor. His works have influenced the West Coast Cool movement of artists who were active on the American West Coast and left a big mark on the contemporary art world.

We are attracted to Joe Goode's works and fascinated by their beauty and power. With the release of a limited edition of his multiples, we believe it's important to convey the appeal of his works to those interested. Learning about his works may provide the opportunity to touch on American culture and history, leading to various discoveries. We hope you take this opportunity to experience the appeal of Joe Goode's works.

In Japan, Joe Goode is scheduled to work on finishing his artworks in a private exhibition space. His Milk Bottle series, in particular, has gained a lot of attention from contemporary art fans and is expected to have a big impact on Japanese fans as well. Information about the exhibition will be released through Quel Tokyo's website and social media, so be sure to check it out.


Joe Goode氏は、アメリカを代表する現代アーティストの一人で、特に「ミルクボトル」シリーズで知られています。このシリーズは、1960年代に制作され、古い牛乳瓶を模した陶器製の芸術作品です。ミルクボトルは、アメリカの文化や日常生活を反映したアイコン的存在であり、それをジョー・グッド氏がアートとして表現したことが、多くの人々に支持される理由の一つと言えます。



今回、Joe Goode氏が来日し、非公開ながら個展会場での作品の仕上げ制作を行う予定です。特に彼のMilk Bottleシリーズは、現代アートのファンを中心に注目を集めており、日本のファンにも大きな反響が予想されます。展覧会の情報については、Quel TokyoのウェブサイトやSNSなどで随時発信されるので、要チェックです。