Background Report December 2021

Background report and future measures

We apologize for the repeated delays in selling GRAVITY POINT multiple works.

We apologize.


Initially, production started in January 2021 and was scheduled to be completed in August.

We received a report of damage during delivery to the customer.

As a countermeasure, we will review the material and structure of multiple works, change the manufacturing factory, and start over from manufacturing.


We have considered future measures and planned with the following contents.


We reviewed the materials and structure of the work again, and selected a factory in China where there is little delay and has abundant experience.

Currently, production will start with the aim of completing mass production by March, and delivery is planned for April.



I will explain the cause and background of this delay below.


[Cause of delay]

Perform a sample test of the material to increase the strength (assuming about one month during the sample test period)

At that time, several delivery tests between Japan and China were required, and the delay in delivery related to corona affected the delay by about half a month to a month.

The power outage at the Chinese factory caused a delay in the manufacturing process, and the power outage may continue for 3 days to 1 week, resulting in a delay of about 1 month.


[Time series history]

Early June: Exhibition sample completed

Early July: Start of mass production sample test → Review structural design

Early August: Delivery test with samples in Japan → Review of materials

September: Confirmed sample for retest: There is no problem with strength, and the delivery test passed in a special case, and mass production started.

Late September: Scheduled completion is delayed due to factory power outage

Early November: Mass-produced products are completed. It takes one month to import due to the influence of corona.

Mid-December: Mass-produced products arrive. Delivery to customers begins. It was

Customers will contact us for damage. Immediately stop the delivery work.



We apologize for the repeated inconveniences.

Thank you for your continued support.


December 24, 2021

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今回、GRAVITY POINT マルチプル作品の販売に関しまして、度重なる遅延を謝罪いたします。






















・7月初旬:量産用サンプルテスト開始 構造の設計を見直し

・8月初旬:サンプルで配送テストを日本で行う 素材の見直し



・11月上旬:量産品が完成 コロナの影響で輸入に1ヶ月かかる

・12月中旬:量産品が到着 お客様へ配送を開始。 








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