NFCScan - Check COA

The certificate of the work is guaranteed by IC chip (NFC) and the owner is managed by QUEL.

You can access the COA by holding your iPhone over the work.


After iPhoneXS, you don't need a dedicated app.

Compatible with iiPhoneXS or later (iPhone7 to iiPhoneX require an NFC reading app. Please contact apple for details)



(iPhone NFC reader)

A reader that reads NFC is built in the part of the iPhone terminal.


(Access dialog to COA page)

When NFC can be read, the following dialog will be displayed on the iPhone screen.




(GRAVITY POINT Lv3 Ver.3D --NFC tag)

GRAVITY POINT Lv3 Ver.3D can access COA by holding the iPhone over the position (around the top of the artists sign) in the photo below.